What We Offer At Alex O'Loughlin's Place

Postby SharonC » Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:22 pm

Guests are welcome but as a member you get so much more.

A fun community of people to laugh and joke with and share your interest of Austrialian actor Alex O'Loughlin.

Any Alex News is good news, appearances, interviews etc, you name it, we chat about it.

Discussions on his current project Hawaii 5-0 and all future projects too. We also discuss past projects i.e. 'Three Rivers', 'The Back Up Plan', 'Whiteout', 'Moonlight', 'The Shield', 'Oyster Farmer' etc

Fun and Games - Questions or pictures, you choose

General discussion of what's going on with our members.

This is just a little of the fun to be had on this forum

Why not join up and see, it's simple, just register and have fun at Alex O'Loughlin's Place.

Hope to see and chat with you here.

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