Daylight Savings Fall Back 2018

Postby kath40 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:56 pm

It's that time again. For those this effects remember to set your clocks back before you go to bed on Saturday night. Clocks will officially be set back ONE HOUR at 2AM Sunday November 4th.

An extra hour to sleep :sleepy: OR an extra hour to stay at work on Monday. :badcomputer:


Here is how to reset your board clock: :glasses4:

1) Go to the User Control Panel
2) Click on Board Preferences
3) Find Summer Time/DST is in effect, set that to "No"
4) Click submit
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Postby Karen » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:23 pm

So comes on at 11 instead of 10 here in AZ. :coffeescreen:
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